2021 BMW M2: All-New M2 CS In-Depth Review

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2021 BMW M2 if you are concerned that the next-generation BMW 2-series coupe will replace the 2-series Gran-Coupe, which shares a front-wheel-drive platform with the Mini and X1, we have good news: The upcoming model, scheduled for the final launch of 2021 as a 2022 model, will greatly preserve the current configuration – and interesting.

Company sources confirm to us that the next 2-series Coupe will share the rear wheel platform with BMW models that are more luxurious, its closest relatives are series 3 and 4.

Completely redesigned, it will feature new metal sheets and unique new interiors that will not be shared with other models.

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The passionate BMW M2 has come a long way but hasn’t yet reached the hottest iteration. The BMW M2 CS has been surrounded by a thick layer of rumors for the past few months, which implies that an official debut might be seen. Little do we know. The 2021 BMW M2 CS is, indeed, happening, so we don’t pursue unicorns here.

However, new details have appeared on the fast-coming BMW cars and boys, oh boy, it’s getting hot. Stay with us as we guide you through everything we know about the upcoming BMW M2 CS. Let’s start with the latest info we have about hardcore M2 CS BMW.

Spicy details about BMW M2 CS have appeared online courtesy of Bimmerpost dgm3 users, who were invited to a private event in Belgium, where BMW spilled official M2 CS details for a select few – we think are loyal customers, possible dealers, and friends of the brand.

2021 BMW M2 Redesign

News that M2 CSL still allows refreshing. Back in September, we reported that BMW would soon replace the top-level GTS performance with CSL – Coupe Sport Light.

Then in October, carmakers registered M1 CSL through M8 CSL with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

However, only the names M2 CSL, M4 CSL, and M8 CSL are internationally registered, which adds fuel to the M2 level fire in the works.

In the same month, what appeared to be M2 GTS / CSL was seen testing. Then everything becomes quiet.

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Since the return of the CSL moniker, BMW has launched the M2 Competition, which produces 405 amazing horsepower. That puts CSL in a strange position.

If you have an S55 detuned engine, will you produce more than the M2 Competition? The CSL Moniker is designed for tracks, so the CSL M2 doesn’t have to produce more power than the M2 Competition.

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The M2 will likely come with several improved suspensions and transmission parts, along with aerodynamic goods that make it look like a star on the track, not on the road.

The CSL Moniker is an icon on BMW. While it has been laid on countless concepts, it has only ever existed on two BMW models – the 2003 E46 M4 CSL and from 1971 to 1975 in 3.0 CSL.

With the BMW trademark which has several M CSL brand names, it would be nice to see this best-performing car with the icon name attached.

2021 BMW M2 Interior

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Many Alcantara will be inside the BMW M2 CS – besides the seats and at the door (as seen in the BMW M2 Competition), above the center console, and on the dashboard.

Clients can also check the box next to the optional Alcantara steering wheel. As for the seats, they will be the same as in the BMW M4 Competition, if we want to trust extra-detailed posts, which means they will wear red stitches and Merino leather.

Another thing mentioned is related to the back seat, which cannot be folded anymore.

2021 BMW M2 Specs

BMW M2 Performance tipped the scales at 1,550 kilos (3,417 pounds) with a six-speed manual and 1,575 kilos (3,472 pounds) with a seven-speed DCT, which will also apply to M2 CS. Disappointment.

In that scenario, we believe the 2021 BMW M2 CS will run from 0 to 100 km / h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds when equipped with a six-speed manual and 4.2 seconds with a double-clutch gearbox.

This is the sprint time for the BMW M2 Competition, which we feel will remain the same or get an increase of 0.2 seconds or 0.3 seconds at most.

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The highest speed for the M2 Competition is limited to 250 km / h (155 mph) or 280 km / h (174 mph) when the M Driver Package is determined.

Maybe M2 CS will come directly from the factory with the highest speed limit? There is no news about this, so we are watching this detail for now.

Last but not least, BMW will begin assembly work for the BMW M2 CS in March 2020, but production will only last for nine months.

That’s exactly until December 2020. 2,200 units of the BMW M2 CS are expected to be produced and sold worldwide.

2021 BMW M2 Engine

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The most powerful M2 on the market today is the Competition variant, which squeezes 404 horsepower (410 PS) and 550 Newton-meter (405 pound-foot) torque from the 3.0-liter turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six gasoline engine.

So we saw a significant increase. There is no word about the potential for a bulge, so, for now, let’s assume that it remains the same.

But overall, the increase in power output looks very reasonable, especially since the M2 Competition uses a new engine based on the same powerplant that drives the BMW M3 / M4.

The engine will be mated (as standard) to a six-speed manual gearbox, but customers will also have the option to choose the seven-speed M transmission, an optional dual-clutch that is already in the M2 Competition.

Also, if what Bimmerpost users say is true, then M2 CS will also use adaptive suspension settings.

The reported stopping power will come from sports settings with red brake calipers, with ceramic carbon brakes offered as optional equipment.

On the visual front, the BMW M2 CS will showcase a set of 763M wheels that are painted in gold or black and a body kit that carries lots of carbon fiber bits and bobs; hood, roof, rearview mirror, front and rear spoiler lip, and rear diffuser are all made of carbon fiber.

Gathering the package is M Performance exhaust and only four color choices: Alpine White, Misano Blue, Hockenheim Silver, and Sapphire Black.

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