2022 BMW M2: The Next-Generation M2 Epic Detail, Redesign and Engine

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2022 BMW M2 more recently the 2022 BMW M2 was given a code name G87, reportedly will continue to be a rear-wheel drive, even when the 228i four-door sedan and M235 xDrive Gran Coupe are nominally using the company’s compact front-drive compact architecture.

The next generation bonafide M2 ​​performance bone is good news for Bimmer-files everywhere, with the good news that even comes in the form of Instagram @ zer.o.wt users who manage slick rendering.

There are many “new BMW” influences in the images created by this user. The twin-pentagonal kidney grille becomes a more angled front end, flanked on both sides with headlights that provide a strong family resemblance to the new Gran Series 2 Series.

This rendering has a front bumper that reminds a bit of the Series 1 M, with a large middle intake between two gaping brake cooling lines.

Unofficial illustrations lose the large grille graphics that are expected on the next-generation BMW M3 and M4, instead of following a more controlled approach.

2022 BMW M2 Redesign

The restraint went out the window when peering at the side of the M2 statue. There is a massive vertical fender vent that looks just behind the front wheels, reminding the current M3 / M4 F80 generation and the BMW 7 Series facelift-for-2020.

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The traditional two-door coupe roofline rises above the muscular front and rear fenders, with aerodynamic side-mirrors reflecting aggression.

As in Concept 4 of last year, the 2022 BMW M2 rendering removes the company’s traditional Hofmeister Kink styling elements for a less typical window opening. That makes us sad.

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But overall, this amateur writing style is well compiled and surprisingly restrained, and we hope that BMW follows with its official design. One thing guaranteed: brilliant performance.

2022 BMW M2 Engine

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The G87 BMW M2 will maintain rear-wheel-drive architecture with evenly distributed weights on the front and rear axles.

We also hope to see a 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder, possibly the S58 that will be used in the new 2021 M3 and M4 and is currently used in the BMW X3 and X4 M

Although, the BMW M222 2022 will probably get a slightly lower power and won’t start with the 480 and 510 variants of the brothers. 450 hp is a more realistic number.

The new M2 will no doubt feature a modernized inline-six engine, possibly twin-turbocharged and possibly producing up to 500 hp.

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The dual-clutch transmission will likely be the only gearbox available, and because M2 is currently one of the best BMW driver cars, the next generation must continue to offer a flexible ride and natural reflexes.

The new edition of the BMW M2 will benefit in 2022, like its predecessor, from chassis technology that has been tried and tested in M3 and M4.

The new M2 must make its public debut within one year, maybe soon after the 2020 Los Angeles Auto Show.

So we hope to see a very dynamic and attractive drive, worthy of the M2 badge.