2024 BMW 3 Series: All-New Update BMW 3 Series Special Review

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2024 BMW 3 Series G20 Sedan and G21 Touring recently experienced light LCI less than four years since the current model hit the market.

Traditionally, that means next-generation models are destined for release sometime in the middle of the decade, but that won’t be the case. If you haven’t heard of it, 3er will have a very long lifecycle that could be extended to 2027.

This means the German luxury brand has plenty of time to deliver another update to its Series 3 lineup during this generation. Reputable BMW insider ynguldyn of the Bimmer Post forum has good authority a “mild cosmetic refresh” will be applied to cars built starting July 2024.

Around the same time, US-spec vehicles will have their engines tweaked to meet stringent emissions regulations. It’s unclear how horsepower and torque will be affected, but the same source claims we’ll learn about output at some point in 2023.

  • BMW 3 Series Electric will be designed & developed as an EV, not converted from the 3 Series
  • Could debut in early 2026; Mexican & European factories to make EV
  • To ride the Neue Klasse platform with next-generation range, charging, space & features
  • Can start from USD 50,000 in the US

2024 BMW 3 Series Review

Although the BMW 3 Series recently received a substantial update for the 2023 model year, rumors suggest the sporty sedan will be replaced with an entirely new generation in 2027. That alone is already a bit odd since BMW replaces its vehicles every seven years. If the latest rumors, courtesy of the BMW Blog are to be believed, this means the G20 will last for nine years.

2024 BMW 3 Series

But why would the automaker break its own seven-year life cycle rule? Well, one reason may be that BMW is planning to introduce the new 3er on two separate platforms – a special all-electric variant that will use the Neue Klasse architecture and an ICE-powered variant based on the acclaimed CLAR platform.

Previous reports (from other reputable sources) suggested the Series 3 would be entirely electric and abandon combustion engines entirely. While this is very likely, it’s hard to imagine the Munich-based brand isolating so many customers and choosing to go a route that runs solely on electricity. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse said the Neue Klasse platform could support both ICE and electric vehicles. Perhaps the new 3er will use only one platform and offer multiple powertrain options.

Zipse also said that he believes the combustion engine ban is unreasonable, so it would be a surprising move if the next Series 3 was offered on battery power alone. “We warn that this [ban] is premature and does not give [enough time] for the transformation [to occur] in [other] markets,” he said earlier this year.

However, he also said BMW would offer something for everyone around the world. “We will be ready to ban ICE. If a region, city, or country gets the idea to ban ICE, we have an offer.” This is evidenced by the reveal of the China-only i3, the all-electric G20 3 Series.

It made sense to introduce the new Series 3 (expected to be codenamed G50/G51) with a mix of ICE, hybrid and electric powertrains. We’ve seen that the new X3 will be available with a plug-in hybrid derivative, so we can expect the same with the G50/G51.

For now, it’s unclear how BMW will approach the future lineup. Perhaps more developed, EV-friendly regions (such as Europe) will only receive the electric variant, while markets such as North America will receive the ICE and EV variants. This will leave cheaper, more conventional models (think 320i, 330e) to emerging markets such as Brazil, India, and South Africa, all of which are strong markets for BMW.

The first vehicles powered by the Neue Klasse platform will hit the production line in 2025 at the company’s Debrecen plant in Hungary, with German production expected to begin a year later. Meanwhile, BMW fans can expect the G20 3 Series to receive another update in 2024, to keep the C-Class rival as fresh as possible.

2024 BMW 3 Series Specs

The 2024 BMW 3 Series is the upcoming Sedan in the US. The Three Series brings together power and innovation in a sedan built to move – from the rugged M340i engine, producing 382 horsepower, to the 320i. The BMW Three Series has been developed with an extra emotive layout, at the same time retaining the actuality of its roots.

It is reported that BMW plans to sell the 3 Series Electric globally with two drivetrain layouts: a single-motor RWD and a dual-motor AWD system. It will use BMW eDrive technology, which will consist of a newly developed drive motor (including power electronics) and an 800-volt high-voltage battery pack. The new electric sedan could have a range of more than 435 miles, according to an Autocar report. The 350 kW DC charging power capability can help customers charge from 10% to 80% in 20 minutes at the charging station.

BMW poured resources into the development of the Neue Klasse which will allow the brand to focus on production volume and streamline processes to reduce manufacturing and delivery times. The NK will also support multiple drivetrain layouts, including FWD, RWD, and AWD. What’s more, the NK can also allow multiple ride heights and supports a wide range of wheel sizes, ranging between 18 and 22 inches. With this level of flexibility, future 3 Series variants can be designed for cruising, performance, and even all-road capability.

2024 BMW 3 Series Redesign

Flowing interplay with sculpted contours to provide a clear silhouette, Few vehicles can serve the god of every comfort and sport more than the BMW 2024 collection of three sedans. This timeless favorite can be complemented as an angle-carved sports sedan or a well-appointed entry-luxury car — or a mix of each.

These are 3 to have turbocharged powertrains deftly walking the path between power and polish. The relaxation of the new appearance adopts a geometric, sporty individual with extra folds and edges in the form of the front and rear bumpers and renovated intakes.

The grille has also been slightly tweaked to house the new slim headlights, and now has a dual-spoke pattern on the grille. Dark Shadowline trim accents were previously preferred, but satin aluminum trim is present.

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Design 2024 BMW 3 Series

Bimmerpost member ynguldyn claims that the BMW Group plans to launch a global 3 Series electric in a sedan version as well as a Touring (wagon) version (codename: BMW NA1). As electric SUVs became more popular, many people wondered if BMW would make the i3 Touring. However, it seems the German automaker sees the wagon still has potential.

The global BMW 3 Series Electric will look different from internal combustion engine models due to the dedicated EV platform. It will likely be slimmer, more technologically advanced, and more practical. Expect it to have a longer wheelbase and a more pointed A-pillar, with slightly different proportions.

To maintain the weight of the 3 Series Electric’s bodyshell, the BMW Group can rely on its multi-material formula. A combination of aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic can be used when designing it.

2024 BMW 3 Series Refresh

Another 2024 update consists of a new wheel design, a new Skyscraper Gray steel paint color, and a new Brooklyn Gray steel on vehicles with the M Sport Package and M340i models.

The 330i’s entry-degree hybrid and 330e plug-in provide outstanding overall performance with the general gasoline economy system on top, at the same time as the turbocharged inline-six inside the M340i pinnacle-canine packing 382 of the largest, most powerful horse in the Mountain aspect.

This Bavarian Alpen… The M Sport package that will be had on the 330i and 330e trims gets chrome accents on the kidneys, a large rear diffuser, variable recreation guides, 19-inch light-alloy wheels, and the 330i with % can get an alternative M Sport suspension rigid or Adaptive M Suspension, the latter of which is also provided as part of the Dynamic Handling Package for the 330i and 330e.

2024 BMW 3 Series Electric

After announcing the China-only BMW i3 sedan in March 2021, the BMW Group is working on a global BMW 3 Series Electric under the name ‘BMW i3.’ Overall, the latter will be more advanced to lock horns with the established Tesla Model 3, which has now become the default sedan choice for early EV adopters across markets around the world.

2024 BMW 3 Series

To keep up with the highly competitive nature of the segment, the global i3 has to offer a lot of new stuff. The new platform, design language, powertrain, in-cab technology, and other features will allow it to compete.

The internal name of the next generation BMW i3 is ‘BMW NA0,’ as per a post from BimmerPost forum member ynguldyn, who usually likes BMW scoops. The BMW 3 Series Electric (informal name) of global specifications should be a highly demanded global car.

On August 3, 2022, during a conference call to discuss the results of the BMW Group H1 2022, Oliver Zipse, the company’s CEO, indicated that the first Neue Klasse EV would be the next-generation BMW iX3 and the global BMW 3 Series Electric.

2024 BMW 3 Series Engine

In Europe (especially the European Union), BMW will make its diesel engines cleaner to comply with the upcoming Euro 7 regulations. It is believed that all 3er cars made from March 2025 will use less dangerous oil burners.

There’s still no electric version planned for this generation, except for the China-only i3 eDrive35L sedan. A dedicated EV vehicle on the Neue Klasse platform should arrive in about three years.

We’d choose the turbocharged 4-cylinder 330i for its unpredictable power and agile behavior. We might outfit our instances with the M Sport bundle which brings extra capability, special styling, and a specially tuned suspension.

With that said, we’ll opt for the Premium plan which consists of hands-loose passive entry, heads-up shows, heated guide wheels, and more.

We’ll also be using the Dynamic Handling bundle that optimizes the sedan’s driving dynamics through adaptive dampers and improved brakes—and making it an experience towards the impressive three-collection sedans of the past. Three collections provide easy fuel and powerful online-powered engines.

The 330i has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque and has even more power than that. The M340i comes with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine and a 48-volt hybrid system;

Overall output is 382 horses and 369 pound-ft. The 330e plug-in hybrid combines a fast 2.0-liter engine with an electric motor that collectively produces 288 horses and 310 pound-ft.

The plug-in powertrain provides a harmonious relationship between the fuel line and the electrically powered elements, and we love the Xtraboost’s characteristic that it delivers a burst of power that looks like a tiny injection of nitro.

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Neue Klasse Platform

Neue Klasse to focus on the Series 3 . segment
During the Q1 2022 earnings call, Zipse stated that the Neue Klasse will focus on premium midsize (midsize) cars. He said Neue Klasse does not cover the lower segment to the luxury segment.

Previous reports indicated that Neue Klasse would be the “first BEV.” In addition to the BEV, it is also considered to support gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid cars. Now, the BMW Group says that the Neue Klasse will be an electric-only platform.

Under development at the BMW Group Forschungs- und Innovationszentrum (BMW FIZ) in Munich, Germany, the platform will form the foundation of the company’s third phase of electrification.

2024 BMW 3 Series Powertrain

Each powertrain is paired with a telepathic and ultra-easy eight-stroke automatic transmission and optional rear-wheel power.

You can use all four wheels for a fee but no cash gives you a guide gearbox. Buyers can choose between a multitude of suspension setups across three: the lower setting, the firmer M Sport tuning, or the Dynamic Handling bundle with its adaptive dampers.

The 4-cylinder Bimmer proved its worth by conducting evaluation tests on various sports sedans.

We applaud its limitless potential for transitioning from casual and smooth to sharp and playful. The 330i also secures its position at the pinnacle of its elegance by thwarting an Alfa Romeo Giulia that fits in the car comparison. Our long-term M340i also proves the nameplate is back in shape, with high-quality, six-cylinder frame controls.

2024 BMW 3 Series Interior

Inside, the M Sport % receives an M leather-based guide wheel and a new Rhombicle aluminum finish.

2024 BMW 3 Series

These three collections don’t have the Alfa Romeo Giulia models or the value-packed capabilities list of the Genesis G70 but are so round, athletic, and attractive for power that they stand at the pinnacle of our phase. ranking.

The irreplaceable BMW sports activity sedan receives a major technological makeover for 2023 featuring the latest exterior styling and a dramatic new all-virtual dashboard.

The discerning eye will notice that the identical monolithic display that spans a third of the three dashboards of this three collection is the same layout as what you’ll find in the brand’s flagship iX 7-collection and electric-powered SUV.

The 7th-tech BMW three-series, although paradoxically ranked 7th among the list of today’s compact sedans sold at the time of this publication, was a huge international revenue hit.

The BMW 3 Series Electric may take inspiration from the BMW I Vision Circular on display at IAA 2021, which was developed using the principles of rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle. To minimize wastage and cutting, the concept uses 3D printing so that excess material can be fed back systematically into the material cycle.

In addition, the Neue Klasse platform also allows the forward cabin design to make the cabin more spacious. The 3 Series Electric may get a rear-mounted windshield to increase the sense of space in the cab.

Recycled materials

Most of the recycled materials are expected to be used in BMW’s upcoming electric cars. The BMW I Vision Circular concept gives us an idea of ​​what might be available in the future. For example, the upholstery will have a velvety texture and feel but be made using recycled plastic.

Also, expect BMW’s future electric cars to have greater harmony between exterior and interior design. I Vision Circular uses bronze metal accents on the exterior and interior for greater design uniformity.

Flat floor & frunk

The cabin floor will be level, with no central tunnel blocking the space. This can result in a flexible cabin (for luggage and passengers) and a clean design.

Buyers can also expect a ‘funk,’ or storage space where the machine would normally be. The use of environmentally friendly materials that are recycled and sustainably sourced must be significant, contributing to the company’s carbon-neutral goals.

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2024 BMW 3 Series Exterior

BMW says it is shifting enhancements and promoting faster than the previous three Series, reaching 1.1 million vehicles on offer as the latest generation was brought in 2018.

That may explain the very conservative engineering for the new style of BMW’s 2023 Three Series, now with almost nothing. additional aspects for the more sporty individual.

The first problem that pops up—okay, perhaps the simplest for eagle-eyed BMW fans—roughly three of the new layouts is the headlights. In the previous version, BMW became aroused through the small indentation under the E46 technology of the three Series headlights and brought it back as a small layout detail in the headlights of the new car.

That’s long gone, with the subtle undertones of the 2023 version’s slimmer headlight gadget, and an effortless bumper with no stylistic folds.

2024 BMW 3 Series MPG

The EPA estimates the 4-cylinder 330i will deliver up to 26 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.

2024 BMW 3 Series

The extra-effective six-cylinder M340i has a peaking score at 23 mpg city and 32 highway. The rear-power plug-in-hybrid version has a mixed estimate of 28 mpg and an all-electric powered range of 23 miles. Both numbers drop through three for the all-wheel-power PHEV.

We checked the rear power 330i on the route of our 75-mph petrol economy system, which is part of our great testing regimen, and saw an incredible forty-two mpg. Similarly, we did the same check with the all-wheel-power M340i, which delivered 33 mpg.

2024 BMW 3 Series Price

The expected Global Price is between $52,500 to $69,800.

2024 BMW 3 Series Release Date

The expected Launch Date of the BMW 3 Series Sedan in the US is November 2023


BMW is expected to stop production of the G20 3 Series in July 2027, followed by the G21 Tour in October of the same year. The M3 G80 is believed to be retired from the assembly line in June 2027, with the M3 Touring G81 withdrawing in October.

Meanwhile, 2023 saw the introduction of the M3 CS, with production reportedly starting in March. It’s rumored to be getting a high dose of standard carbon fiber, along with the xDrive, M-only headlights, and an automatic transmission.

The turbocharged inline-six engine looks set to produce 540 horsepower or an additional 30 hp over the Competition M3 and 10 hp less than the M4 CSL.

And According to BimmerPost forum member ynguldyn, global production of the BMW 3 Series Electric will take place at the plant in Germany and the BMW Group San Luis Potosi Plant in Mexico.

German production, which could take place at the BMW Group Plant Munich, where the 3 Series is currently made, will begin in November 2026.

The Mexican factory will start launching the next-generation BMW i3 a year later (2027). It started making cars in 2019 starting with the seventh generation 3 Series, and since 2021, building the second generation BMW 2 Series Coupe as well. By the end of 2022, the second-generation BMW M2 will join this model.

Looking at the SOP schedule, it looks like the BMW Group is planning to launch a global BMW 3 Series Electric in early 2026. The next-generation BMW i3 will have a very competitive space — Xpeng launches the entry-level P5 sedan in 2021,

Nio releases the Nio ET5 in September 2022, Mercedes -Benz plans to introduce the C-Class Electric by the middle of the decade, and Ingolstadt is also planning the future Audi E4 (A4 Electric).

People also ask BMW 3 Series 2024

Q: Will there be a new BMW 3 Series?

A: The new BMW 3 Series is on sale now. It comes with several design changes, a revised engine range, and several new interior technologies for 2022. Both the sedan and Touring estate models have been updated to make them tantalizing alternatives to the new Audi A4 and Mercedes C. -Class.1

Q: Is the BMW 3 Series being discontinued?

A: The refreshed midsize and touring sedan will go into production in July 2022 and will continue through 2025 (sedan) and 2026 (touring). Series 3 as we know it will be replaced by the NK (Neue Klasse) generation which is an electric-focused platform.

Q: When did BMW 3 Series Redesign?

A: BMW is revamping its best-selling 3 Series for the 2023 model year. The update gives the small sedan a fresh and attractive exterior look as well as a serious technological overhaul that offers an impressive all-digital dashboard. Both the redesigned BMW 330i and 330i xDrive are currently available on the market.

Q: Is BMW 3 Series a good buy?

A: The BMW 3 Series is a good car. Luxurious and sporty comes in a variety of body styles and offers the best driving dynamics in the segment and price.