2022 BMW X3: New BMW X3 Preview, Price and Release Date

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2022 BMW X3: New BMW X3 Preview, Price and Release Date

2022 BMW X3 We always thought the X3 looked good, but the same cannot be said about this prototype. The camo around her new kidney grille makes them look like angry cartoon pig nostrils. Hopefully, the production models look better, and at least they don’t emulate the style of the 4 Series.

Not much is happening outside of this car, but some of these features may only be temporary. Maybe BMW doesn’t want Mercedes to have a clue for the GLC-Class. This competitive and lucrative segment also includes Volvo’s XC60 and Audi Q5, which recently got its own facelift.

As an example of a misleading feature, here are the old headlight designs, as the new one will resemble the X5. We have a set of renderings from the Russian site Kolesa to give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

At the rear, the same subtle changes will be made, with the taillights getting new graphics and minor revisions to the bumper. Amazingly, BMW continues to freshen up every car in 3 or 4 years when Tesla has let things stay the same forever.

We can see a much more striking update inside. Series 2 models will feature a new console-style with dual screens and a small gearbox shift. The new X3 will come out next year and go on sale in about a year and can take with it an efficient lineup.

A mild hybrid band-aid has already been applied to lower emissions slightly while the fully electric model iX3 will be included in the range of the upcoming 2021 model year. Meanwhile, some of the less popular or fuel-hungry engines may be discontinued.

2022 BMW X3 News

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Road testing for the X3 update has started, but there’s not much to see yet. However, it’s only natural to expect changes that go along with BMW’s more modern SUV. Thus, the Russian website Kolesa was able to compile this simple rendering suite.

Now, you shouldn’t expect anything big. In fact, most people will see this rendering and believe it is a real photo. But we can point to the girl and say “that’s new”. The shapes are more geometric and meet in the middle like eyebrows.

The bottom of the bumper gets some new fake air intakes, while both light sets are updated in the graphics section. While we’re not big fans of change after change, we feel like this facelift is too small to notice.

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The current generation X3 came out in 2017, and the previous generation saw a facelift in 2014 with all-new lights. BMW offers more models, versions, and powertrains than ever before, so it might be a little stretchy.

Usually, automakers introduce new engines during facelifts, but BMW continues to make updates every year. You can already find mild-hybrid technology in the X3, which is designed to save a little fuel. There’s also a plug-in hybrid, xDrive30e.

One place where we expect some big innovations is in the interior department. The new BMW dashboard tested in the 2 Series GT seems to have twin screens similar to Mercedes. You can also expect new shapes for the wheels and shifters.

2022 BMW X3 Rendering

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The updated BMW X3 is coming. Our first spy photo of the compact SUV just hit our inbox in early August, showing changes to the front and rear fascia of the X3. To make that happen, Nikita Chuiko at Kolesa.ru already has a pair of renderings that illustrate how the final product will look.

Most mid-cycle refreshes from BMW tend to be conservative, and that’s the approach taken in this rendering. The grille grew a little, as is the trend in almost all car manufacturers today. We have no reason to believe that the X3 will head in the same direction as the Series 4, and that is reflected here.

The slimmer headlights and reshaped air intakes in the lower fascia can draw inspiration from the X5, as do the trapezoidal exhaust outlets at the rear. The taillights should also be a little sleek, but the main conclusion here is, if you like the current X3, you’ll probably like the new one.

How accurate is this rendering for the final product? That’s an obvious question that won’t be answered until the new X3 is officially revealed, but our prototype sighting shows a vehicle with a standard dual exhaust pipe at the rear. The exact size of the grille and the design of the lower air intake can also vary slightly.

The rest of the package should be the same as the X3 we’ve had since 2017, although minor interior trim changes can benefit both driver and passenger. However, such matters are not depicted in this exterior rendering.

With our first sighting of the X3 just days since this post, it’s likely that there will still be a long time to wait before the reveal takes place. Even with minor changes, we’re likely to see European disclosures next year. That means the US market may not see a refreshed X3 until the 2022 model year.

2022 BMW X3 Design

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A facelifted BMW X3 is imminent, and this rendering gives us a good idea of ​​how it looks.

The X3 has currently been in production for roughly three years and in the last few months, our spy photographers have seen several prototypes in the middle of testing. While they wear camouflage on both the front and rear fascia, this rendering takes them away and shows what changes have been made. As usual with mid-cycle refresh models from BMW, changes are minimal.

The most noticeable difference between the facelift X3 and the current model is the slightly angled headlights, somewhat similar to the X5. Elsewhere, the rendering shows a simplified air intake upfront and what appears to be the same horizontal daytime running lights as the exiting model.

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On the back, the new X3 will use tweaked taillights that have the same overall shape as the current unit but with new LED graphics. Also, the SUV updated in rendering from Kolesa has a rear bumper that is more muscular than the pre-facelift while also ditching two simple round exhausts and using two large rectangular ones.

BMW is not expected to make any powertrain modifications in the 2022 X3. As a result, it will continue to be sold with a variety of petrol and diesel engines plus at least one plug-in hybrid. Continuing up the range will be the X3 M powered by a 3.0 liter twin-turbo straight-six engine that’s good for 473 hp in standard form and 503 hp in Competition specs.

2022 BMW X3 Engine

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Now that BMW has pulled the combustion engine out of the X3 to create the purely electric iX3, the next line of business is updating the conventionally powered luxury crossover. The third-generation model (G01) has been around for a little over three years, so it looks like the Bavarians have now seen testing a facelifted version.

The X3 LCI caught our springs carrying camouflage on the front and rear, which seems just about right since mid-cycle revisions are usually limited to new headlights and bumpers. That’s what this test vehicle had because even though the fascia was mostly covered, the updated headlights and taillights showed through the make-up.

It seems that the company’s grille will undergo some changes as well, but it is unlikely that BMW will go the M3 / M4 route with a pair of kidneys that are too big. The small wheels and round exhaust tip suggest we see the X3 positioned at the bottom of the lineup, but rest assured the M40i is spicy and the X3 M is full of fat too due to similar cosmetic revisions.

With this just being a facelift rather than the new generation, don’t hold your breath for the big changes inside the compact crossover. BMW will likely tidy up the cabin with new trim options, new technology, and updated iDrive in a bid to stay competitive while battling the recent facelifted Audi Q5 and the next-gen Mercedes GLC coming up in 2021.

Since this is our first look at the X3 facelift, we don’t expect official disclosures to happen this year. Our money is on its European debut sometime in 2021, which will likely translate to 2022MY for the United States.

2022 BMW X3 Price and Release Date

Officially BMW hasn’t provided accurate information on pricing and release dates but takes a look at the previous year’s BMW X3 2021 with prices starting at $ 43,000 for the basic sDrive30i trim and it comes with an RWD configuration.

The AWD xDrive30i will cost $ 45,000 and the recently introduced xDrive30e is priced at $ 49,600. BMW has raised prices by $ 1,050 for the standard variant and $ 700 for the X3 M40i which is now priced at $ 56,600. If all-out power is what drives you, then the well-equipped X3 M SUV will serve you well boosting costs to the stratosphere, at $ 69,900 to be precise.