2023 BMW 750: All-New BMW 750 Review, Price and Release Date

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2023 BMW 750 The 7 Series is BMW’s largest and most luxurious sedan, and it’s also the most serious model. The 7 Series was first introduced in the late 1970s and has long been Bavaria’s response to the SC Stuttgart class.

It has to represent the essence of BMW, typically has a wide selection of engines and wheelbases, and has been the driver’s choice of large luxury cars for most of its existence.

In a world dominated by SUVs, Big Bimmer wants to show that it still has a place. With 7 of the 7 new generations, it can still act as a very comfortable and luxurious full-time driver’s vehicle.

It should also be good enough to drive so owners who don’t want to be dragged around can take the wheel and be satisfied. Recent 7 Series models have failed to deliver on the latter, and hopefully, this next-generation car brings the “best drive engine” to the table as cutting-edge infotainment, safety, and driver-assist technology.

Look for a style that’s revolutionary enough to find its way to the Bimmer flagship (as illustrated in the image above).

2023 BMW 750 News

Master every show and enjoy every moment. The BMW 7 Series sedan represents a confident presence, outstanding performance, and maximum comfort.

As the BMW 740Li is powered by the newly developed BMW TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder petrol engine, the BMW 740Li is born to lead.

Due to the highest quality details, personalized design choices and technological innovations, the emotional language of the elegant design combined with the special interior ambiance makes it the epitome of BMW’s luxury class. Beauty meets exclusivity. Luxury meets performance.

2023 BMW 750 Redesign

One of the major BMW reveals in 2022, if not one of the most important from the automotive world, is the next-generation 7 Series. The luxury sedan project began in 2017 under former BMW Design Head Jozef Kaban and continued under the guidance of Domagoj Dukec, design boss.

At the moment. From the very beginning of sketching, the idea behind the new 7 Series was this: to create a unique design language for the flagship model. The current-generation 7 Series has gone through one of the biggest facelifts in BMW’s history.

It’s been a long time since there’s been a safe and evolutionary design, and inside is a big and bold kidney grille. So it’s only natural that the new 7 Series will continue down this bold path and bold design.

The new 4 Series and M3/M4 pair surprised the world last year with their oversized kidney grille, while the recent 2 Series Coupe also brought forward new design elements, a row of headlights or inverted L-shaped taillights. The G70 7 Series is next up.

We’ve seen some spy photos that reveal enough detail to support this theory. One element that immediately stands out in the G70 generation is the split headlights.

Today, a new set of renderings showcases the G70 7 Series but this time with the M Sport Package. Of course, that option adds a lot of flair to the Series 7. The front-end now looks like a car from “Transformers” with a very aggressive-looking front bumper with sharp corners and overlay panels.

The kidney grille continues down a large street with a stripe across its upper area and separates the headlights from the daytime running lights.

The hood also features a sculpted design for a more aggressive look, while the side sections and floating mirrors enhance the sporty look. As with most BMW M-Pack models, the chrome plating has been replaced with dark trim which is more in keeping with the overall theme of the 7 Series

. The G70’s revolutionary 7 Series appearance completes the BMW i7 and is expected to debut somewhere. 2023 The new electric 7 Series model will boast an output of at least 484 kW/650 hp, according to the latest information.

However, one has to take the latest rumors with a grain of salt considering the fact that they are officially confirmed by BMW. There have been reports circulating previously suggesting that the upcoming i7 will make 670 hp or even 700 hp.

In fact, the only detail that seems to have remained unchanged over time is related to the battery capacity that will be installed on the highest variant of the i7 M60: 120 kWh.

Somehow, it’s clear that another i7 version with weaker features and a smaller battery capacity (from 80 to 100 kWh) is coming soon.

Since the M60 is said to replace the M760i V12, this model will also be equipped with all-wheel drive components. Of course, BMW will continue to offer traditional combustion engines, along with some plug-in hybrids.

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2023 BMW 750 Design

In the limelight: The BMW 7 Series Sedan impressed from the very first moment with its extraordinary presence.

The confident character is mainly underlined by the distinctive front. On the sides, the vertical Air Breather emphasizes the height of the vehicle.

The interaction between the paint finish in Bernina Gray and the shimmering amber effect creates an elegance that, when combined with the 20″ wheels, conveys a commanding dynamic.

The welcome from the Welcome and Goodbye light show invites you before you even enter your BMW.

The interior welcomes you with exclusive high-quality materials which, together with innovative connectivity features, produce an atmosphere hitherto unattainable.==

2023 BMW 750 Spied

More spy photos of the next-generation BMW 7 Series 2023 have surfaced and while the exterior is still heavily covered in camouflage, we get a glimpse of the interior dashboard. (We don’t have spy photos but can be seen here)

2023 BMW 750

While there’s hardly anything to see through the test mule’s window, we do get a glimpse of the new BMW iX-Style iDrive/driver. No wonder the iX technology is included in the 7 series because if the cheaper iX had better technology than the next generation 7 iX series, it would be weird.

The new 7 Series doesn’t seem to have the same hexagonal steering wheel as the iX, as the rims are round at the top, but the center airbags are reminiscent of the iX’s, so we wondered if it would have the same interior. Design. It’s like an iX bike.

Anyway, I wish the same iX design could be used for the 7 series because the iX xDrive50 I’m sitting on has the best BMW interior I’ve ever seen.

From the looks of it, the 7 series will definitely be a little different from today’s cars. It looks longer, lower, and thinner than the current G11 7 series, with a wider roofline. From the elongated rear window, it looks like a donkey test. In these photos, you can see the long-wheelbase version, so it’s probably related to the slimmer look.

it has a large kidney grille upfront, but it doesn’t look as big as current cars (or 4 series), and the air is fresh. Interestingly, the headlights look very low and can easily fall under the headlights. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem to have the typical dual halo design that all BMW cars have.

We don’t know if the camouflage just covers the headlights to hide the iconic design, or if the 7 series will actually adopt the rumored split headlight design. The headlights seen in this photo have a thinner dual halo.

It would be nice to know. Nothing to see behind. The taillights are almost completely covered, as is the tailgate.

There’s no exhaust, so BMW may be moving in the same direction as Mercedes-Benz and Audi and hiding exhausts in more expensive cars, but as we get closer to production, we’re sure to find out.

2023 BMW 750 Interior

Do you remember the next-generation BMW 7 series prototype we showed you yesterday? Well, it’s back. This time, our spies looked inside.

Please note that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the cockpit, but in previous spy photos, most of the interior was hidden or belonged to a test mule. And most of them are from the current 7th generation.

The first thing you’ll notice is the side-by-side display, similar to the setup on the iX SUV and i4 Gran Coupe. In both all-electric vehicles, the instrument panel measures 12.3 inches and is equipped with a 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

More applies to iDrive 8. Just like in the EV, the screen is housed inside a large piece of curved glass that tilts slightly towards the driver.

The steering wheel is also quite attractive with an industrial-looking metallic bottom spoke decorated with an M badge on the bottom. We’re not entirely sure, but the lateral spokes seem to incorporate touch-sensitive controls.

Take a closer look and you’ll notice that the sides of the steering wheel rim have a curved ornament except that it has a functional role and lights up when the autonomous drive system is active.

The bottom center console area that houses the iDrive controller doesn’t look as fancy as it does on the iX, but it’s important to point out that we’re dealing with a prototype.

This is clear from another image showing the interior of the 7 series, where the center armrest looks as cheap as other center consoles, but you won’t find that in later production cars.

If you believe yesterday’s reports, there will be the first official preview of the updated 7 Series at the IAA in Munich in September, and BMW is expected to bring a prototype.

Pointing to 2022, we are there. I know it will provide petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and fully electricity, but it won’t provide V12 since the M760i has been discontinued.

2023 BMW 750 Exterior

Special radiant energy: The BMW 7 Series sedan is rugged and bold. The combination of concentrated headlights and impressive dual radiator grille forms a stylish front and accentuates the characteristics of the vehicle at first glance.

Created a design line from the front vent to the rear air intake. The BMW 7 Series sedan is long and elegant at the same time. Inside, the BMW 7 Series Sedan exudes clarity and quality.

The luxurious leather interior and multimodal operating concept underline its first-class aesthetics and unique comfort. In addition, Ambient Light gives the interior a unique atmosphere and ideally complements the harmonious design concept.

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2023 BMW 750 Tech

Intuitively towards the future. Soon you will have the option of self-driving or self-driving. At present, the BMW Personal CoPilot driver assistance system already offers a foretaste of what driving may soon have to offer.

They support the driver or take over certain tasks completely. In the BMW 7 Series Sedan, everything is aimed specifically at the driver. The look of the BMW Live Cockpit Professional, for example, is very easy to personalize.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant allows you to quickly and easily operate various functions – a new era of technology.

2023 BMW 750 Powertrain

The BMW 7 Series 2023 is based on the current i4 modular architecture and provides a wide range of drive options. Charged I6 and V8 engines tend to inherit the current 7 series and can do a lot.

2023 BMW 750

However, due to stricter international emission regulations, the V12 contained in the M760Li will almost certainly produce a gas coil. For rear wheels or all four wheels.

However, in powertrain headlines, it is said that the 7 series will also be launched in 2023 as an all-electric car. Although the equipment details of this version are few, it can be assumed that the battery life, performance, and engine are at least in line with the BMW i4 M50.

This means that the high-spec version has at least 500 horsepower from a pair of electric motors, a 100-kilowatt-hour battery, and can cover at least 300 miles on a single charge.

There is currently no information on whether the EV will adopt the “i7” nickname. For those who are not ready to switch to an all-electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid system can be used.

2023 BMW 750 MPG

The values specified for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and energy consumption are specified in the version in effect at the time of certification according to European Regulation (EC) 715/2007.

This information relates to vehicles equipped with basic German equipment and an illustrated range, including special equipment and the various wheel and tire sizes available for the selected model.

Determines CO2 efficiency values according to Directive 1999/94/EC and current versions of European regulations. The displayed values are classified according to the NEDC cycle according to fuel consumption, CO2 value, and energy consumption.

  • BMW 730Li Sedan:
  • Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 7.1
  • CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 163
  • BMW 740Li Sedan:
  • Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 7.9
  • CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 180
  • BMW 730Li M Sport:
  • Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 8.6
  • CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 163
  • BMW 740Li Luxury:
  • Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 10.1
  • CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 180

2023 BMW 750 Price

The 7 currently starts at over $86,000, but the base price of the new car will creep closer to $90,000.

With the M760Li removed from the range, the top-of-the-line Series 7 will be the most powerful and far-reaching EV variant, likely to be pegged at $140,000 or so.

2023 BMW 750 Release Date