2024 BMW 5 Series: Next-Gen BMW 5 Series Review

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2024 BMW 5 Series As BMW accelerates the development of midsize luxury cars, the next-generation BMW 5 Series was spotted on public roads this week. This prototype car with the words “Hybrid Test Car” on the rear bumper told us what to do. Looking forward to the four-door redesign.

We haven’t seen much of the next-gen 5s yet, but we expect it to follow the same formula as the larger 7 series that launched last fall.

We expect there will be several electric versions, including plug-in hybrid models and pure electric models, petrol and diesel engines are also possible, the latter being reserved for overseas markets.

BMW is using the 5 Series platform as a test bench for its electrification plans. Although the BEV project has become the shell of the current model, its basic structure is likely to be used in future generations.

Last we heard, BMW was testing a battery-electric powertrain with 711 horsepower (111 more than the M5’s V8) twin-turbo currently from three electric motors. We expect the lighter version of that set up to support the all-electric i5 variant.

The only thing traditional about the Next-gen 5 Series seems to be the design, which still looks like a sedan.

While the shorter wheelbase and more sloping rear greenhouse may not make up for the larger 7’s of interior space, it should be more than adequate for rear passenger comfort.

2024 BMW 5 Series Review: Next Gen 5 Series

We’re about two years away from the upcoming Next Gen BMW 5 Series, but here’s a computer-generated image of the first-generation G60.

According to internal rumors, the 2024 5 Series design of the upcoming G60/G61 model series has recently been signed off as part of the design freeze phase. Since the prototype hasn’t been camouflaged, it’s natural to be suspicious of this first digital illustration.

We expect to see the first 5 series G60/G61 test cars on the road this summer. Like the upcoming G22, I20 or G70/G71, the Series 5 will be the epitome of a bold and controversial new design.

Next Generation 5 Series Like the previous generation, the next-generation Series 5 will be inspired by the Series 7 G70/G71, and its official release is slated for mid-2022. Expect a Big Bud, though at this point it’s unlikely to look anything like the image above.

Furthermore, just as we expected the new 7 Series to get a large grille with horizontally shifting kidneys and separate headlights, we suspect that the G60 will have a firmer approach, with generous 3D kidneys, but not too bulky and certainly different. of the tall, upright exercise of the new G2x 4 Series.

As the CGI artist suggested, the upcoming 5 series is unlikely to abandon the traditional three-piece car shape in favor of the Gran Coupe silhouette. The mass-produced Allelectric i5 in 2024 will also retain the classic car shape.

However, it will have to compete with the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQE, which has an EQS-like body, sloping roofline, and a four-door coupe.

The 5 Series G60 / G61 will be a complete revolution in every aspect, as the new flagships of the 7 Series and iX models use a lot of technology.

It is expected to provide multiple efficient power systems and continue to focus on hybrid and plug-in electric models.

New BMW 5 Series 2024 Generation. The upcoming M5 will also be available in two power levels by 2024: as an electric version with around 800 horsepower. And the all-electric model. The output power is 1000 horsepower.

Expect the new Series 5 to be introduced sometime in 2023, with the i5 and M5 iterations to follow in 2024.

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2024 BMW 5 Series Redesign

The BMW 5 Series has long been one of the brand’s most significant models. With a history of nearly 50 years and millions sold, 5er has enjoyed great success.

The current generation G30 was recently updated, so it won’t be going away in the next few years. That said, we’ve already seen spy footage of the next-generation BWM 5 Series, which will debut sometime in 2024. Here’s what we know so far.

The next-generation BMW 5 Series has the internal chassis code G60. Just like the next 7 Series, it will be offered in three different versions. There will be a Series 5 EV, which is expected to sport the i5 moniker.

In addition, there will still be a PHEV version and a range of conventional combustion engine variants. The i5, of course, will print the typical front end, but otherwise, the different versions will look more or less identical.

The spy shots we got were not one, but two versions of the next BMW 5 Series. We have the i5, and the PHEV Series 5, each with its own signature sticker. The plug-in hybrid charging port is clearly visible on the front left fender.

The second version of the i5 is expected to have a 100 kWh battery and 500 horsepower output from a dual electric motor setup. This will allow the i5 to better compete with the upcoming Tesla Model S and Mercedes EQE.

The next 5 Series is sure to feature a more traditional three-box sedan look compared to some of its competitors like the also anticipated Mercedes EQE.

In some images, we see the Series 5 parked next to the Series 7, also clad in camouflage. From what we can see, the rear of both cars has a lot of design hints.

Upfront, we see a slightly protruding shark nose, which is more pronounced next to the 3 Series, a pleasant reminder of old BMW cars. Could the upcoming 5 series have more retro inspiration?

Although four-door coupes have become popular in recent years, station wagons seem to still be around.

With this in mind, BMW is expected to launch the BMW 5 Series station wagon sometime after the sedan’s launch, although it’s unclear whether the electric i5 will be offered as a station wagon.

What we may not get is a new version of the Gran Turismo (GT), just like the internal name of the previous generation, the F07 was discontinued in 2017.

The interior of the BMW 5 Series 2024 will certainly be equipped with the latest technology. The entire interior is completely enclosed, including the steering wheel.

2023 BMW 5 Series Redesign

2023 BMW 5 Series We’re still about two years away from seeing the future Series 5, but here you have the first computer-generated image of the G60 generation. According to internal rumors, the designs for the upcoming G60/G61 model series were recently signed off as part of the design freeze phase. Without seeing a disguised prototype to date, it’s fair to take this first digital illustration with a pinch of salt.

We expect to see the first test vehicles for the G60/G61 5 Series hit the streets this summer. Like the future G22, I20 or G70/G71, the 5 Series will also be an exponent of a bold and controversial new design philosophy.

BMW 5 Series 2023 As with previous generations, the next generation of the Series 5 will take inspiration from the G70/G71 7 Series, which is slated for an official release sometime in mid-2022. Expect some large kidneys, though it’s a bit unlikely at the moment they’ll look like in the rendering above.

Also, just as we expected the new 7 Series to have a large grille with horizontal scrolling kidney and separate headlights, we suspect the G60 will take a more assertive approach, with a large 3D kidney shape, but not too complicated and certainly different from high-end workouts. and vertical from the G2x 4 series.

The upcoming 5 will leave the traditional 3 cc sedan shape and move on to the Gran Coupé form, as suggested by this artist at CGI. The all-electric i5 model, slated for launch in 2024, will also retain the classic limousine form factor. Although it will compete with the upcoming MercedesBenz EQE, which has an EQS-style body with a sloping roofline and a four-door coupe.

The G60/G61 generation of the 5 Series will be a complete revolution on all fronts, with a lot of technology borrowed from the 7 Series and the new flagship iX. Expect a number of efficient powertrains to be offered, with a consistent orientation towards plug-in hybrid and electric models. The future generation M5 arriving in 2024 is also planned to be offered in two output levels: an electric version with around 800 hp and an all-electric model with a whooping 1000 hp.

Expect the new Series 5 to be introduced sometime in 2023, with the i5 and M5 iterations to follow in 2024.

2024 BMW 5 Series Spyshot

A prototype for the next-generation BMW 5-Series has been spotted for the first time. The new midsize sedan is still in the early stages of development but a number of details have already been identified.

2024 BMW 5 Series

The proportions are reminiscent of the much-loved E39 generation, while the headlights look slimmer than the current generation. We can also see that the headlights taper backward along with the fenders, much more than the previous generation.

When it comes to what’s under the hood, BMW wants to give customers their powertrain options, at least until it finally makes the switch to a full-electric lineup. As a result, the powertrain will include mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric options.

This flexibility is made possible by an updated version of the BMW Group’s CLAR modular platform that supports conventional powertrains in addition to hybrid and battery-electric options.

There are reports that even future M5 variants will offer a choice of plug-in hybrid or battery-electric, which will be the first time there is more than one powertrain option for a super sedan.

Look for the redesigned 5-Series to debut in 2023 as the 2024 model. The M5 variant will arrive about six months to a year later. But before they arrive, BMW fans can look forward to the new generation X1 and 7 Series, as well as the new X8 flagship crossover.

MW is currently testing a prototype for the redesigned 5 Series, the nameplate’s eighth-generation and our latest spy shot shows the prototype for the planned battery-electric version of the mid-size sedan.

The 5-electric series, which will likely be called the i5, was confirmed last summer. We should see it debut alongside the regular version of the redesigned 5 Series in 2023. It is expected that the car will reach dealerships as the model year 2024.

It wasn’t long ago that BMW considered developing a standalone i5 model to become a larger version of the i3.

But BMW is changing its tack with electric vehicles, opting to launch an electric version of the core model rather than standalone models like the i3 and i8. We’ve already seen electric versions of the X3 (iX3) and 4-Series (i4), and electric versions of the X1 (iX1), 3-Series (i3?), and 7-Series (i7) are also being tested.

Taking a closer look at this i5 prototype, we can see that the grille is tightly closed. The tester also has no exhaust tips, and there are no missing “Electric Test Vehicle” stickers on the wings and rear.

It’s unclear what specs the i5 will have but the 4-Series-based i4 that goes on sale in early 2022 could provide some clues. The i4, at least in the United States, comes with 335 hp, rear-wheel drive, and 300 miles of range in the base form of the i4 eDrive40.

A sportier i4 M50 with 536 hp, all-wheel drive, and a range of 245 miles will be available. The battery in each case is an 83.9-kilowatt-hour unit. It is possible that the i5 gets more kwh due to its larger size and weight.

Interestingly, we heard that the redesigned M5 will also have an electric version.

It was reported last year that the next M5 will come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain in standard guise and an electric powertrain in a range-topping guise, which will be the first time the super sedan has offered more than one powertrain option. We have to wait and see.

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2024 BMW 5 Spied

The development of the next-generation BMW 5 Series codenamed G60 was very advanced, and the camouflaged prototype proved this for the first time. The new cars offer gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric engines.

BMW confirmed this last year. The label and charging port of the prototype indicate that it is an electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle.

This may be the last 5 series model with an internal combustion engine and the first model with an all-electric transmission.

The latter will be called i5 to match BMW’s naming strategy for its electric range (i3, i4, iX, iX3, etc.).

Like other electric BMWs, the i5 is powered by an electric motor at the rear, and there are several versions of a second all-wheel drive at the front. The BMW i5 will also have an M version similar to the i4 M50.

Because the M package is more powerful and sporty. For the i5, we expect to use 70 kWh and 100 kWh batteries, with a range of over 400 kilometers (249 kilometers) that will help it compete with the next-generation Tesla Model S, next-generation Mercedes-Benz EQE, and Audi A6 e-Tron.

According to the first image, the new 5 Series has classic proportions, looks longer and more impressive than the current model, but retains the long nose, short front overhang, muscular fenders, and Hofmeister bike steering wheel.

The front features a pair of aggressive headlamps under the hood line, reminiscent of Chris Bangle’s E60 5 series (2003-2010). In the center is a large interconnected network, which will be completely covered on the electric i5.

There’s too much camouflage on the i5’s front bumper, but we see a functional center entryway below.

At the rear, the taillights appear slimmer and elongated, possibly linked to an LED strip. There is also an integrated spoiler on the highly tilted rear deck.

Given that the current seventh-generation 5 Series (G30) was launched in 2016 and received a facelift in 2020, the new model is expected to hit the market in 2023 or 2024.

While BMW has yet to confirm it, a 5 Series Touring will likely follow the new four-door sedan. offers added practicality and follow tradition.

BMW is gearing up to take the 5 Series sedan into a new, more powerful era.

The G60 5 Series has been caught on camera being tested by our spy photographer for the first time, revealing what looks like a more coupe-like fastback shape.

It could be 2023 before we see a new 5 Series considering the current generation car was revealed in 2016, and a facelift in 2020.

Details about the new 5 Series are unclear, given that it’s a long way from launch, but the big sedan will likely offer internal combustion, plug-in hybrid, and pure electric power options.

It is expected that the all-electric i5 will look a little different from petrol/hybrid cars, such as the i4 and 4 Series Gran Coupe.

The new electric 5 Series will have a lot of competition from traditional German rivals BMW. Audi is working on a new A6 e-Tron, and Mercedes-Benz has confirmed an EQE is in the works.

It’s also hard to ignore the Tesla Model S, or sedans from start-ups like Lucid Motors.

BMW has hidden much of the look of the new 5 Series, but there are a few things we can see under the camouflage. The doorknobs fit snugly, and the nose looks straight and sharky in a nice BMW style.

We know the X7 is moving to a split headlight design, it’s not clear yet if the Series 5 will take the same steps.

The new 5 Series is part of a broader push into electric and pure-electric vehicles.

Currently, the BMW Group has two pure electric cars available: the i3 and the Mini Electric.

A third EV launched last year: the iX3, a fully electric crossover version of the X3, which will go on sale in Australia in 2021.

Two further pure electric cars have been revealed: the i4, based on the internal combustion 4 Series Gran Coupe, and the flagship iX crossover.

There will also be a full-electric version of the next-generation 7 Series sedan, likely branded as the i7.

2024 BMW 5 Hybrid

The successor to the G30 5 Series is expected to follow the next-generation Series 7 flagship stablemate in using three powertrain types; pure electric drive, hybrid, and internal combustion, according to our sources.

2024 BMW 5 Series

The fully electric version has been referred to as the i5 as a pure EV nomenclature for sedan models in the German brand’s fully electric range, rather than the larger fastback sibling of the i3.

A cursory glance shows the G60 5 Series camouflage shroud to show the relatively traditional kidney grille as currently seen on the G30, although a closer look at the bottom partially reveals vertical elements that could reveal a full-height grille in the works, as seen on the G22.

4 Series Coupe and G24 Gran Coupe, as well as the high-performance duo M3/M4.

The all-electric G60 generation 5 Series could adopt a powertrain from the BMW iX, possibly in the form of an electric crossover xDrive40 variant consisting of a 190 kW (258 PS) front motor and a 200 kW (272 PS) rear motor for a total system output of 326 PS and 630 PS of torque. Nm.

It also brings the possibility of using the higher-spec iX 523 PS/765 Nm xDrive50 powertrain, which offers a 0-100 km/h time of 4.6 seconds on the iX.

While the xDrive40 version of the iX powertrain packs a 71 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the more powerful xDrive50 variant gets a larger unit with a capacity of 105.2 kWh, offering a range of 630 km from a full charge on the iX.

The iX will get a 600 PS M Performance variant later, and furthermore, the electric 5 Series will benefit from higher crossover performance as well.

The initial batch of images so far have only shown the exterior of the development car, although earlier sightings of the next-generation 7 Series have revealed that the automaker will be taking a marked shift in interior design for its flagship sedan.

Direction can be expected for this G60 5 Series which will debut later. For now, that premiere date is rumored to be in 2023 as the model year 2024.

2024 BMW 5 Series Price

The 2024 BMW 5 Series will be available in two trims – 530i and 540i, the same as the 2023 model year, as there will be major trim changes.

Pricing for the base trim, the 530i, is expected to start at $55,000. There will be a drivetrain option that includes RWD as standard but one can opt for AWD or the so-called BMW xDrive.

However, the biggest difference between the two trims is the powertrain options – 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine power the 530i, while a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-4 powers the 540i trim.

BMW offers many personalization and customization options with which to get a BMW 5 Series specific to their needs.

2024 BMW 5 Series Release Date

The next-generation BMW 5 Series is still a few years away, as the new 5 Series is expected to make its official debut in late 2023 as the 2024 model.

By then, we will surely get more details regarding the model specifications. From what little we could see, we thought the G60 5 Series would give us a slightly more nostalgic design language, reminiscent of BMWs made between the 1960s and 1980s.

This could be a nice transition to a more retro-futuristic design in the future. One thing is for sure, the legacy of the BMW 5 Series will continue, at least for the next generation.