2023 BMW M2: All-New Special BMW M2 Specs Review

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2023 BMW M2 The next 12 months will be quite a busy period for BMW’s M division. The Bavarian company’s performance department is currently putting the finishing touches on a number of important new products, including production versions of the XM, M3 Touring, and M4 CSL.

Finally, and no less significant, a new generation of M2 will be present this year. It will act as the flagship model in the new Series 2 family. We’ve seen many new M2 prototypes, but it seems the performance vehicle development process is continuing at full speed.

Recently, our photographers were again at the right place and time, successfully photographing a camouflaged test car on a track near the Arctic Circle. Judging by the camera shots, the pilot doesn’t seem to have pushed the prototype to the limit, though he did allow a bit of oversteer.

This may not be news to you, but we want to reiterate that the M2 2023 will not feature the giant kidney grille seen on the M3/M4 duo. Instead, the entry-level BMW M model will sport a grille with a more traditional shape, which does not extend to the bottom of the bumper.

Multiple air openings integrated more seamlessly into the layout in that area will provide fresh air for the radiator, intercooler, and front brakes. But, what is hidden behind that aggressive front fascia? Obviously, there is no official information from BMW.

However, rumors are circulating that there is an M4 S58 inline-six engine in it, although in a detuned version. The standard BMW M2 will have 400 horsepower, sent exclusively to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox or automatic transmission.

Upgrade to the more powerful Competition trim, and you’ll probably enjoy 430 hp or even more. The BMW M2 and M2 Competition are believed to be only the tip of the iceberg of the performance lineup of the small car.

After debuting sometime this summer, the hot coupe will probably be followed by a spicier CS model and a hardcore CSL version.

2023 BMW M2 Review

New 2023 BMW M2 New rumors suggest the M2 is lighter than previously thought. We know a new BMW M2 is in the works. The Series 2 is currently debuting in July 2021, and we’ve already seen some camouflaged test vehicles hiding M-infused design tweaks. We even caught some leaked images from China showing a chunky front fascia and a slightly larger grille. But it’s what’s behind the lattice that interests fan the most.

2023 BMW M2

Powertrain details are still unconfirmed by BMW at this point, but the rumors are hot. A detuned version of the same six-pot turbocharged B58 is pretty much guaranteed, but we’ve heard it can pump out as much as 455 horsepower (336 kilowatts) in standard trim and hit 490 hp (365 kW) in Competition form.

That’s a hefty number, but according to Auto Express, the production model won’t be that wild. Instead, the article claims at least 400 hp (298 kW) for the M2 and more than 430 hp (321 kW) powering the Competition. It’s not much different from the current model.

The article does not cite any specific sources for the information. Power claims are certainly different from other rumors, but some things are similar, such as the availability of a manual transmission. The article also cements the M2 as pure rear-wheel drive as opposed to featuring the xDrive system in RWD-only mode. As for when we will see it, it may not happen until the end of 2022.

It’s unclear whether that refers to the official debut date or production launch; Previous rumors suggest a product launch in late 2022 for 2023 shipments with a possible debut in the summer. Whenever it reaches dealerships, it’s expected to have a UK price tag of around £60,000, although with none of this information confirmed, take it all with a grain of salt.

2023 BMW M2 Specs

The 230i has a 255-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, and the M240i has a 382-hp turbo 3.0-liter inline-six. Initially, the 230i was only offered with rear-wheel drive; The M240i uses all-wheel drive only. However, both variants will eventually be available with their respective drivetrains.

The eight-speed automatic is the only transmission option. Those looking to maximize the performance of the 230i can opt for the M Sport and Dynamic Handling package which includes 19-inch alloy wheels on performance tires, sportier suspension, upgraded brakes, variable-ratio steering system, and electronic steering system.

Controlled rear differential. Most of this stuff and more come standard on the M240i. We’ve tested the latter and been impressed by its fast acceleration (60 mph in 3.6 seconds) and smoother ride, but we wish it had better steering feedback.

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BMW M2 2023 Leak

BMW has a new generation of 2-Series coupes for the 2022 model year, and yes, the car is sticking with rear-wheel drive. This means our favorite 2-Series variant, the M2, won’t lose its hardcore edge when it comes to its own redesign.

Our latest spy shots and videos show the new prototype for the M2, and it’s the most revealing yet. The previous shot showed the testers at the Nürburgring.

All the signs of BMW M styling are present on the latest prototype, such as the quad exhaust tips, widened wheel arches and aerodynamically shaped mirrors.

The redesigned Series 2 is longer and wider than the car it replaces, and this will carry over to the M2. This should improve stability but weight can be an issue. We also know that torsional rigidity of the body will also go up with the new generation.

Power is expected to come from a detuned version of the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 ​​found in the latest M3 and M4, as well as the X3 M and X4 M. Look for around 400 hp in the new M2, which is a far cry at 365 hp from the last M2. The spicier M2 competition should also be available at launch.

Transmission options should include a 6-speed manual and an 8-speed automatic. Rear-wheel drive is a given, though we can see all-wheel drive available in Competition specs, as is the case for the M3 and M4.

Look for the new M2 to debut later in 2022 as the 2023 model. Production will likely be handled at BMW’s plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. That’s where the regular 2-Series coupe is being built.

Unfortunately, rumors about the M2 CSL aren’t going well, at least with the M2 coming out. However, the CSL M4 is expected to be coming soon.

There are also rumors that the front-wheel-drive 2-Series Gran Coupe and related 1-Series hatchbacks sold overseas will get their own special M models. It’s rumored to come with all-wheel drive and peak output registers around 400 hp, likely from the 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4.

Former BMW M boss Marcus Flasch said that such a car was impossible due to the lack of a suitable engine. Given the interest in rival offerings from Audi Sport and Mercedes-Benz AMG, the situation could change, especially with former Audi Sport boss Frank van Meel returning to charge of the BMW M.

2023 BMW M2 Competition

We are excited about what 2022 will bring to the table in terms of the M model as BMW’s high-performance division has several product launches planned. One of the models we’d like to see is the next-generation M2 Coupe, which will bring a series of upgrades to the M240i. Unlike the M Performance variant which is offered with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, the full-fat M model will send power exclusively to the rear wheels.

2023 BMW M2

According to a new report from Auto Express, the BMW M2 G87 will feature wider tracks and additional support compared to the M240i. Additionally, a rear-mounted M Sport differential will be fitted as standard, as will larger brakes to handle the extra oomph coming from under the hood.

As for the suspension setup, it’s believed the sports coupe could use a step-dependent mechanical damper adapted to the new M2 or an adaptive electromechanical damper. While the M240i is offered only with an automatic transmission, BMW aims to sell the top-of-the-range 2er also with a six-speed manual as well to please purists.

British magazine claims the S58 engine sourced from the M4 Coupe’s big brother will be lowered to around 400 horsepower for the base version. Those looking for extra muscle should step up to the M2 Competition, which is said to offer around 430 hp.

The turbocharged straight-six engine with 3.0-liter displacement could spawn a further more powerful version for the potential M2 CS. For now, there are no details about the possibility of the M2 CSL following the debut of the M4 CSL later this year.

Needless to say, the styling will be very different compared to the M240i and the lower 2 Series Coupe trim level, outside of the adoption of the BMW M signature quad exhaust. The rectangular bottom grille will be flanked by square intakes while the kidney grille will be of normal size without going through. M4 route.

A subtle trunk lid spoiler is coming soon, and we wouldn’t be too surprised if the M Performance catalog would include a rear wing that looks like mine. Bigger wheels to accommodate fat brakes are also on the menu, along with a special M mirror cap and a lower ride height for sharper cornering.

Expect the new M2 to feature a redesigned rear diffuser and we wouldn’t exclude a second version to accommodate the M Performance stacked exhaust as seen on the M4.

While the M2 will essentially be a 2 Series Coupe, there are major changes planned in the cabin. We’re specifically talking about the adoption of BMW’s iDrive 8, which will come with a pair of screens sitting next to each other. The altered front seats with better lateral support are a safe bet, and so is the upgraded steering wheel with a configurable M button.

Debuting later this year, the M2 will be one of many new performance vehicles that BMW M is planning for its 50th anniversary. Other products include the aforementioned M4 CSL, along with the recently released M3 Touring and the production version of the plug-in hybrid XM SUV. The next-generation 7 Series will also be released in 2022 and will come with a fully electric i7, which could offer a top-tier M Performance derivative.

Prior to all of these debuts, the iX M60 will be unveiled today in Las Vegas during CES 2022 as BMW M’s second electric vehicle after the i4 M50.

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2023 BMW M2 XDrive

Rumors have been circulating that the next-generation BMW M2 will come with an optional xDrive all-wheel-drive system, similar to the M2 and M4. Honestly, this makes sense, because the M240i is already equipped with xDrive, so the technology works with both the chassis and the transmission.

Plus, it looks like the BMW M is much more likely to go with xDrive all-wheel-drive now, as the M3, M4, M5, and M8 all have it. However, according to our sources at BMW, the next-generation M2 will be just the rear driver.

From what we were told, the G87 BMW M2 will not come with xDrive as an option for a number of reasons. The first is weight. The new 2 Series is already heavier than the size of the car it should be, so BMW M doesn’t want to add any more weight to the car. Especially when the M2 is supposed to be the purest M car.

As we’ve seen with the M4, the xDrive can add a few pounds, so the M Division prefers to save pounds on the M2.

The second reason, BMW M doesn’t want the M2 to undermine M4 sales, and vice versa. If the BMW M2 was offered with the xDrive, it might be too similar to the BMW M4 xDrive, which would then lead to some cannibalization of sales, one way or another. BMW M clearly wants the M2 to be its own.

Lastly, BMW wants the next-generation BMW M2 to be a proper driver’s car, without the burden of all-wheel drive. Admittedly, xDrive works great for the M3 and M4 and, if it’s my money, is a must. However, for the smaller and shorter wheelbase M2, the xDrive will only add unnecessary and unwanted complexity.

That would also make it a little too safe because the M2 is supposed to be a little prickly, a little happy, that’s what this car is all about. So while it seems plausible on paper, that the G87 BMW M2 will come with an optional xDrive system, our sources say no, that’s not the case.

2023 BMW M240i

The undisclosed BMW M2 is one of the most anticipated cars of 2022. But maybe you won’t have to wait much longer. Car & Driver just tested the M240i you can buy now and last year’s M2 blew up.

2023 BMW M2

On sale in the US now, the 2022 M240i is currently only available as an all-wheel-drive xDrive (a rear-drive version is coming later), and starts at $49,545. For that, you get a 382 hp 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six that sends 369 lb-ft of torque through the mandatory eight-speed automatic transmission.

If the lack of manual options disappoint, the performance definitely doesn’t. The Car & Driver Tester exploded to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.6 seconds and 100 mph (160 km/h) in 9.1 seconds, beating the 4.3- and 10.3 seconds set with rear-wheel drive The M240i was automatic in 2017, though it carried 307 lbs (139 kg) of extra weight.

But don’t mind the upgrades on the old M240i – it’s the edge over the older M2 that we’re interested in. In 2019, C&D tested a pair of M2 Competitions, which then started at $59,895 before options. One has a 405 hp/406 lb-ft six mated to a six-speed manual while the other is powered by a seven-speed DCT.

The automatic takes 4.0 seconds to hit 60 mph, making it half a second slower than the new M240i, while the manual M2 fared slightly better with a time of 3.9 seconds.

It was a similar story for a quarter of a mile. The M240i xDrive devoured those 1320 feet in 12.1 seconds, while both M2s took 0.3 seconds longer. The only place the M2 Competition managed to topple the M240i was in in-gear numbers, but the gains were minimal. We’re talking a tenth of a second ahead at 20 mph (32 km/h) during a passing maneuver.

The M240i also outperforms the M2 in terms of the economy thanks to its longer gears, and while you might expect an AWD car’s extra weight up front to dull the quiet, the C&D team has great praise for its handling, if not the muted steering feel.

We didn’t doubt for a moment that the next M2 would be even more fun to drive, plus it would have the coveted manual option. But driving the M240i xDrive would be a pretty neat way to pass the time until it arrives.

With the 2022 BMW 2-series, the German automaker is making its entry-level two-door car even more satisfying. It’s still available with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, and its turbocharged engine options include a 255-hp four-cylinder (230i model) and a 382-hp straight-six (M240i).

The convertible body style and manual transmission options are both missing. However, the new 2 coupes are just as entertaining to drive and even more road-ready. Despite having a more prominent facade and modern interior, the rear seats are actually smaller than their predecessors.

The follow-up to one of BMW’s most affordable and satisfying engines, the 2022 2 series lives up to those expectations.

    The acceleration, ride, and handling of the blazing-fast Turbo six is ​​even better at a solid performance value.
    There is no manual transmission option, no body style convertible, the rear seats are somehow smaller than before.
    The new 2-series coupe loses some desirable traits but adds more powerful performance and bolder style.

The ’22 2 Series marks a new generation for one of BMW’s most entertaining models. While we’re happy to report that it’s still standard with rear-wheel drive, the drop-top option has been dropped. Thankfully, the more racist M2 coupe is coming back and could have a manual gearbox.

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2023 BMW M2 MPG

The rear-drive, four-cylinder 230i has a speed of 26 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway. The all-wheel-drive, six-cylinder M240i is rated at 23 mpg city and 32 highway. Once we can run them on our 75-mph fuel-efficient route, we can evaluate their real-world highway mpg. For more information on Series 2 fuel economy, visit the EPA website.

2023 BMW M2 Interior

Although BMW’s interior design language is not innovative, it is enhanced by the excellent build quality and satisfactory ergonomics. Inside, the new 2-series adopts the company’s ubiquitous style and layout. While a set of analog gauges is standard, a fully digital instrument panel measures 12.3 inches, and a heads-up display is available.

We just wish the front seats felt more supportive. In addition, despite the increase in overall length and width, including an extended 2.0-inch wheelbase, the coupe’s rear seats have less headroom and legroom than the model it replaces.

The series 2 infotainment system runs through the standard 8.8-inch touchscreen or the available 10.3-inch units. Along with steering wheel controls and voice commands, the interface can be manipulated via a rotary controller on the center console surrounded by useful hot keys.

BMW has also kindly included physical volume buttons. Each model includes a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, and a 10-speaker stereo. Those who want a more powerful sound system can upgrade to the 14-speaker, 464-watt Harman Kardon setup.

2023 BMW M2 Release Date

The Series 2 is currently debuting in July 2021, and we’ve already seen a few camouflaged test vehicles hiding the M-infused design tweaks.

2023 BMW M2 Price

We think the BMW 230i rear drive is the one to buy. The 255-hp turbo four isn’t nearly as fast as the 382-hp straight-six in the M240i, especially without the added traction from all-wheel drive, we thought it would be fun to drive too with the addition of the Dynamic Handling Package and M Sport.

The former requires the latter but combines a mix of improved performance (bigger wheels on stickier tires, tighter suspension components, stronger brakes, etc.), and unique visual treatments are highly desirable.

2023 BMW M2 MSRP: Price and Which to Buy

  • 230i sDrive coupe $37.345
  • M240i xDrive coupe $49,545