2023 BMW 8 Series Preview, Specs, Price and Release Date

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2023 BMW 8 Series Facelift, Engine Sounds Like Rockstar V8. The sound reflects strength, be it on two-door or four-door models. We haven’t seen much of a refresh on the upcoming BMW 8 Series this summer. But actually, watch this video.

The BMW 8 Series seen in this video is identical to the photo from our spies who captured the massive coupe in May 2021. We saw a green BMW 8 Series prototype with matching license plates actually speeding around the Nurburgring Circuit.

But if we just look at the photos, of course, we can only see still images. While in this video we can see the BMW 8 Series in action with the sound of a delicious V8 engine. Apart from the green coupe, the video also records a white four-door Gran Coupe test vehicle that looks just as good.

Obviously, this isn’t a six-cylinder model, and drivers won’t find it easy to drive either way. If the zip going through the camera with howling tires isn’t proof enough, its twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine should convince you.

The beginning of the video shows the coupe slowly navigating an off-track intersection. After that, there is no scene of the V8 engine not being at full power. We admit it’s cool.

And of course, the V8 engine will carry over for this mid-cycle refresh. Does it stay steady at 523 horsepower (390 kilowatts)? That remains to be seen. But with this simple update, we’re expecting very few changes if any.

Furthermore, on the off chance that a huge power help is to come, the 335 hp (250 kW) of the 3.0-liter turbocharged I6 on the section level 840i is a superior up-and-comer.

Bouncing up to 382 hp (285 kW) would be adequately simple, and still leaves a lot of space for the M850i’s V8 motor to convey more elevated levels of execution for BMW clients.

Maybe more interesting to BMW fans are the normal outside changes. The cover wrap at the front conceals the overhauled lower belt and slimmer headlights, yet the grille appears to be identical.

In the case of anything changes, it’s most likely somewhat contracted, which would be extraordinary thinking about BMW’s present plan language. The report on the back is a lot smoother, with a slight amendment to the lower belt, the main change we can see at the present time.

The taillights can include a new plan component behind the focal point. On the inside, we realize a greater infotainment screen is coming. BMW’s most recent framework programming will clearly control the locally available innovation.

Slight styling changes can come with trim options, but the overall layout shouldn’t change much, or change at all. Sightings of the updated Series 8 are still sporadic, and we haven’t heard anything about a specific debut date.

Thus, it is likely that this car will remove all its camouflage at the beginning of next year for the 2023 model year.

2023 BMW 8 Series Review

The BMW 8 Series coupe and convertible 2023 are positioned as the most luxurious two-door models in the company’s portfolio.

2023 BMW 8 Series

With aggressive proportions and muscular sheet metal, both body styles have a standout curb look, though neither is as luxurious as, say, the Lexus LC. However, BMW gives each one a beautiful interior that is beautifully laid out and impeccably built.

While the tiny rear seats come as a courtesy, anyone who needs more passenger space can opt for the 8-series Gran Coupe sedan (reviewed separately).

Power comes from two excellent sources: the 335-hp turbocharged straight-six (840i) or the 523-hp twin-turbo V-8 (M850i). Despite the powertrain, the 8-series 2023 coupe and convertible have surprising agility for their size and truly quiet ride quality.

    Ultra-smooth and fast V-8, athletic handling and quiet ride, luxurious interior.
    Few obstructions to outside visibility, rear seats are an afterthought, not quite as dramatic as the Lexus LC.
    The 8-series coupe and convertible are very luxurious, though not very different.

By 2023, BMW is standardizing the M Sport package on the 840i six-cylinder coupe and convertible.

The package previously cost $4550 and included 19-inch wheels, an aerodynamic body kit, dark exterior trim, M steering wheel, multifunction seats, and upgraded brakes.

Not only does the six-cylinder model come with more and better standard equipment, but both body models also get $3000 off their starting price.

2023 BMW M8 Series Preview

Launched with great majesty and circumstances in 2018, after the racing version went official at Le Mans, the current generation of the 8 Series hasn’t been that long. On the other hand, it’s also not what it seems.

Available as a coupe, convertible, and even as a swoopy sedan that’s more like a four-door coupe, the modern iteration of the BMW 8 Series lineup is largely a remarketed 6 Series, which is why it doesn’t excel in passenger space compared to the 4 Series, for example.

What excels compared to the 4 Series, however, is the use of a more traditional design language, especially when it comes to older BMWs that don’t have a giant kidney grille on the front of the car.

After three years of trying to establish a serious foothold in the luxury grand tourer market, BMW’s biggest GT no longer has to fear competition from Mercedes-Benz, but that doesn’t mean Bavarians are standing still.

With that in mind, BMW has just begun public testing of various LCI 8 Series prototypes in various guises across Germany.

With LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) meaning “facelift” in BMW parlance, many might have hoped that the updated 8 Series might get a giant kidney grille similar to its smaller brethren, but they were wrong.

Oddly enough, despite keeping it for nearly a year, Bavarians won’t be using that grille on any of their models, so the revamped Series 8 is safe in that regard.

Spy photographers have captured pre-production prototypes of the 2023 BMW 8 Series Coupe, 8 Series Grand Coupe, and 2023 M8 Gran Coupe in recent days, and they all seem to have one thing in common.

Those are minimal changes to the overall exterior design, which appears to include slightly slimmer headlights and redesigned front and rear bumpers. The taillights may also get a different graphic, but other than that, it will look very similar to the current Series 8 lineup.

More changes may be found inside, while the engine lineup is expected to be powered by mild-hybrid technology across the board.

2023 BMW M8 Series Redesign

BMW has been spotted testing a prototype for the updated 8 Series Gran Coupe.

The modern 8 Series arrived for the 2019 model year, initially in coupe form. A convertible also arrived for 2019 and then a more practical 8 Series Gran Coupe was added to the lineup for 2020.

2023 BMW 8 Series

In typical BMW fashion, a mid-cycle update to the full 8-Series lineup is likely to be introduced for the 2023 model year, so it’s not unusual for this updated 8-Series Gran Coupe prototype to be out and about.

The prototype is heavily camouflaged on the front, which suggests a more substantial change to the design than your typical mid-cycle update. The back is also camouflaged so you can count on some tweaking here too.

According to our photographer, the infotainment screen mounted on the dashboard is covered up. This likely means there is a new unit being tested. The current unit measures 10.25 inches but we wouldn’t be surprised if a larger unit was added.

BMW is also planning to unveil a new generation of iDrive interface on March 15, and this could show what the automaker has planned for the updated 8 Series.

It’s unclear what the automaker has planned for the powertrains. Currently, the range in the United States starts with the 840i with a 335-hp 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6. You really don’t want this model.

An 850i with a 523-hp 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 is available, and if money isn’t an issue there’s a 2023 M8 with an engine similar to the 850i but with 600- and 617-hp (M8 Competition) outputs.

It is possible to improve its performance with mild-hybrid technology in several variants. We could also see a plug-in hybrid option added, the same 389-hp setup found in the X7 and 7 Series, and recently added to the 5 Series overseas.

With any luck, BMW is also developing a hardcore 2023 M8 CS with the same 627-hp V-8 as the new M5 CS.

BMW’s semi-official tuner Alpina is also working on its own version of the 8-Series Gran Coupe. This model will likely arrive before the updated Series 8 though its launch may also coincide with the arrival of the updated range.

2023 BMW 8 Series Specs

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2023 BMW 8 Series Convertible

The BMW 8 Series Convertible 2023 comes standard with a compact and lightweight soft top designed to reduce exterior noise. The BMW 8 Series Convertible 2023 has many additional options to enhance comfort, entertainment and performance.

Explore packages like the Professional Driving Assistance Package, which adds innovative technologies like Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go. Or, choose a single option such as Integral Active Steering to maximize agility and stability.

The BMW 840i xDrive and M850i xDrive Convertibles are both equipped with xDrive, BMW’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system.

BMW Ultimate Care is a comprehensive maintenance plan that includes all of the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance services for eligible models. The term of the maintenance coverage is for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.

All work covered by this maintenance plan is carried out at authorized BMW Centers and by BMW Trained Technicians. These professionals only use Genuine BMW Parts to ensure the quality and performance of your BMW.

  • Summary of Statistics
    • MSRP: From $94,400
    • Dimensions: From 191.1″ W x 74.9″ W x 52.7″ H
    • Horsepower: Up to 617 hp
  • Engine & Drivetrain Variants
    • BMW TwinPower Turbo 3.0 liter petrol engine inline 6 cylinder (840i model)
    • 4.4 liter V-8 petrol engine BMW M TwinPower Turbo (M850i xDrive & M8 Competition)
  • Fuel Economy
    • 840i: 22/29 mpg (city/highway)
    • 840i xDrive: 20/27 mpg (city/highway)
    • M850i xDrive: 17/24 mpg (city/highway)
    • M8 Competition: 15/21 mpg (city/highway)

2023 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

The large and luxurious BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe is a unique vehicle in the BMW lineup. The exterior design combines the sporty style of a coupe with the size of a spacious four-door sedan.

Incredibly comfortable seats, top-notch leather upholstery, premium sound systems and more put the 2023 8 Gran Coupe in a luxury league of its own.

The BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe 2023 is available with a 6-cylinder petrol engine (840i and 840i xDrive), V-8 petrol engine (M850i xDrive and M8 Gran Coupe), or V-8 Bi-turbo petrol engine (ALPINA B8).

The BMW Gran Coupe is a four-door midsize vehicle, similar in size to a sedan but with a low roofline and subtle, stylish curves that represent classic coupe design. Two-door models in the series include the 8 Coupe and 8 Convertible, as well as the BMW M8 Coupe and M8 Convertible.

ALPINA is an automobile manufacturer founded in Buchloe, Germany, in 1965. Through a decades-long technical partnership with BMW AG, ALPINA’s mechanics and lead designers develop renowned vehicles based on BMW models.

The lineup – which currently includes the ALPINA B7 Sedan, XB7 Sports Activity Vehicle and B8 Gran Coupe – is distinguished by a great love for detail and technical finesse applied to the engine, suspension, interior design and more.

  • Summary of Statistics
    • MSRP: From $85,000
    • Dimensions: From 200.2″ W x 76.1″ W x 55.2″ H
    • Horsepower: Up to 617 hp
  • Engine & Drivetrain Variants
    • 3.0 liter inline 6 cylinders BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine (840i model)
    • BMW M TwinPower Turbo 4.4 liter V-8 petrol engine (M850i xDrive, M8 Competition)
    • 4.4 liter BMW ALPINA Bi-Turbo V-8 petrol engine (ALPINA B8)
  • Fuel Economy
    • 840i Gran Coupe: 22/29 mpg (city/highway)
    • 840i xDrive Gran Coupe: 20/27 mpg (city/highway)
    • M850i xDrive Gran Coupe: 17/25 mpg (city/highway)
    • M8 Competition Gran Coupe: 15/21 mpg (city/highway)
    • ALPINA B8 Gran Coupe: TBD / TBD (city/highway)

2023 BMW 8 Series Interior

The interior of the 8-series 2023 offers all the infotainment gadgets and luxury features one would expect in a high-priced grand tourer.

Each model has 14-way power-adjustable heated front seats, soft-close automatic doors and adjustable ambient lighting; more extravagant upgrades include glass control and additional high-end materials. It can even be complemented by unique BMW Individual options, such as the luxurious white and brown color scheme.

2023 BMW 8 Series

While it does offer a pair of vestigial back seats, it’s not a pleasant place for adults to spend time. The 8’s low roofline also blocks headroom in the front seats and outside visibility isn’t great, but that’s the price of fashion.

Its interior cubby storage consists of a retractable tray at the front of the center console, a handy center bin, and ample door pockets.

We also managed to fit five carry-on bags in the trunk of the coupe and another six with the rear seats stowed, but the convertible holds one bag less in each scenario.

A 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and a 10.3-inch touchscreen are standard on every 8 series. Unfortunately, the instrument panel is overcrowded and not very intuitive to operate with steering wheel controls.

The infotainment system has a variety of ways to interact with it, including a handy play button on the center console. It also features standard Apple CarPlay capabilities, wireless charging, and a Wi-Fi hotspot—Android Auto is missing.

Those who want a more sophisticated sound system can opt for the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround system.

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BMW 8 Series 2023

BMW’s biggest coupe and convertible starts with a 335-hp turbocharged inline-six cylinder. The 840i model is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel or all-wheel drive (called xDrive in BMW parlance).

While we haven’t driven an 8 on a six-cylinder, BMW has built a reputation on a smooth and responsive powertrain, so only speed enthusiasts will likely be disappointed. Instead, we’ve ridden both M850i body styles featuring a 523-hp twin-turbo V-8, eight-speed automatic and standard all-wheel drive.

This combination provides impressive acceleration for a Bimmer size and provides a rich soundtrack in the sportiest of settings. Similarly, the transmission transitions from relaxed to reactive based on the driver’s right foot.

Most importantly, the 8-series delivers on its grand-touring promise, with a surprisingly quiet and athletic ride. Steering feedback is direct and linear but filters out road imperfections and front tire feedback.

While the adaptive dampers allow for extra flexibility depending on the selected riding mode, they make the 8 extremely stable when cornering in the stiffest settings.

The car’s powerful brake system and strong pedal feel further boost absolute confidence.

2023 8 Series MPG

The more powerful M850i, which includes a twin-turbo V-8 and standard all-wheel drive, means a significant drop in the EPA fuel economy rating over the six-cylinder turbo that powers the 840i model.

2023 BMW 8 Series

The 2023 M850i is rated for up to 17 mpg city and 25 highway, while the underpowered 840i has an estimate of up to 23 mpg city and 30 highway. We tested the coupe and M850i convertible on our 75 mph fuel-efficient route where they hit 29 and 26 mpg, respectively.

While both body styles exceed their EPA ratings, the coupe does with 4 mpg while the soft top only manages 1 mpg more. For more information on the 8 series fuel economy, visit the EPA website.

2023 BMW M8 Competition

BMW 8 2023 The line-up of the best BMW models this year has increased again, through the launch of the most expensive and fastest models today. officially launched the BMW M8 Competition, with a tag of more than IDR 6 billion. Born from the racetrack, this is the flagship model for the BMW M sub-brand.

The M8 Competition comes in two versions, namely Coupe and Gran Coupe, following the launch of the Series 8 (840i) Gran Coupe a month earlier. BMW’s most luxurious and fastest Grand Tourer (GT) is the umpteenth M Series to come to Indonesia this year. Previously, BMW had launched the M5 Competiton 35 Jahre Edition, as well as the X3 M Competition and X4 M Competition.

BMW first developed this car in the form of an endurance racing car (endurance) M8 GTE, before launching its production version last year. The world’s range of endurance racing circuits, including Le Mans, is the R&D ground of the M8.

The first model with the M8 moniker in BMW’s history relies on the heart of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The M8 Competition, both Coupe and Gran Coupe, both store 625 hp and 750 Nm of torque. Thanks to the M Steptronic 8-speed automatic transmission with Drivelogic and M xDrive, it accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

The M xDrive drive system, aka all-wheel drive, can be selected as needed to operate in 4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD modes. Of course, 2WD mode will be able to pamper drivers who want more exciting action, enjoy more free oversteer.

The adoption of a racing car’s distinctive character to the road is represented by a chassis supported by an adaptive electronic damper. Likewise with the steering wheel that uses M Servotronic technology for better response and feeling. While the speed stop, it is equipped with M Carbon Ceramic discs.

Dimensionally there is only a 200 mm difference in the length of the wheelbase of the Coupe and Gran Coupe versions. But both of them look more sporty with M Sport robes. Starting from the large intake, M gills on the side, aerodynamic carbon fiber mirrors, rear spoiler, and a large diffuser at the rear. Even BMW provides the M Carbon Package option for a more frightening appearance and lighter weight.

The interior features semi-bucket seats with two-tone accents on the leather. Then there is also a steering wheel that is equipped with an M mode button in it, to activate individual settings. Presenting information to the driver is supported by a full digital instrument cluster, as well as a head-up display.

Among all existing M Series models, the M8 Competition is the only one that provides Track mode in its choice of driving modes. The overall performance of the engine, transmission, steering and suspension will be maximized to bring out the best in the M8. However, the driver can still make a combination of settings as he wishes, through the Individual mode option.

The M8 Competition is offered at a price of IDR 6.749 billion for the Coupe version, and IDR 6.689 billion for the Gran Coupe. Everything is in off-the-road condition. This figure makes the M8 Competition the most expensive model currently marketed by BMW. In its class, the M8 is ready to compete against the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door, Porsche Panamera Turbo S, and Audi RS7.

2023 BMW 8 Series Price

We prefer the incredible power of the all-wheel-drive-only 2023 M850i, with its 523-hp twin-turbo V-8. We also love the kind of drama that the sublime and more immersive drop-top version provides, even if it comes at an additional cost of nearly $10k.

The 8’s cabin is luxuriously furnished with leather covering almost every surface and eye-catching accents, both of which can be mixed to suit everyone’s preferred aesthetic. We really like the Cognac Merino leather and the Aluminum Dark Trace interior trim.

Among the options we chose were glass controls for a more luxurious interior, and neck warmers in the front seat headrests that allowed us to enjoy longer periods of top-down driving in our four-season conditions.

  • 840i coupe $85,995
  • 840i convertible $95,395
  • M850i xDrive coupe $100,895
  • M850i xDrive convertible $110,395

2023 BMW 8 Series Release Date

BMW M8 2023 So far we have not been able to confirm a release date for the updated BMW 8 Series yet, although the car should arrive in showrooms in early 2023. Since this is just a mid-life facelift, not a new model, the new 8 Series is not expected to cost more than the current car.