2020 BMW X6m

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2020 BMW X6m

2020 BMW X6m Having seen the warm M50i a little over a month ago, we are ready to take it to the next level and take a look at the next generation of BMW X6 in the taste of the M range. Closely spied on and of decidedly aggressive personal aspect, the large and on-load SUV adopts the latest interpretation of the kidney grid Bavaria Let’s see more of future BMWs. It is substantially larger than we are accustomed to, but it is not seen out of place as it is proportional to the magnitude of the vehicle. However, it is a different story with smaller BMWs.

It seems that the test vehicle already has the final body, but the intensive use of camouflage does not allow us to see all the changes that the X6 M will pass for its next iteration. However, one of the adjacent spy shots is showing the SUV performance just behind the outgoing model. With the risk of indicating the obvious, the form will remain practically the same, but there will be some changes here and there to separate the two models.

We got a really good look at the new, 2020 BMW X6 recently, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your alter ego, the X6 M has been testing, too. One of our spy photographers caught one in the city, and it looks a lot like the regular model. But there are a number of revealing signs that reveal that this is the fast one.

Among the signs is the fat shoe of X6 M. It’s got incredibly wide tires on really big wheels. They are housed inside the fender flares much wider than the regular X6 has. Behind those wheels are also huge brakes. Besides being huge, the rotors are perforated. In the front there are large tweezers painted blue. Since the current model uses six-piston front pliers, these are probably six-piston units, as well.

At the front and rear, there are other signs this is the powerful X6 M. The bottom grates in this larger and more menacing aspect than on the regular model. The same applies to the rear exhaust points. The ends are not integrated with the rear bumper, either. Now it’s two pairs of big circular holes.

As with the regular X6, we hope that the M model will show up sometime next year in time for the model year 2020. Under the hood will probably be a version of BMW Twin-Turbo 4.4-liter V8 that makes more than the current model 567 horsepower. It would not be a surprise if you made 600 horsepower, as you do in the current M5.

For example, the new seems to have an interesting two-piece roof-mounted spoiler, as well as more elegant LED taillights much smaller than those of the current X6 M. The rear bumper’s vertical lighting groups are hidden under the camouflage or have been completely removed to allow for a cleaner look. Speaking of which, the rounds on the front bumper are gone, as is the case with the new X5 and the still-to-be-revealed X5 M.

Large air intakes in the front, a pretty Cool daytime driving LED light, beefy wheel arches, and M-specific Quad exhaust tips all contribute to the special appearance of the prototype. Once the camouflage is turned off, the X6 M must look aggressive and sporty despite its bizarre shape and high body.

2020 BMW X6m

There’s not much secrecy about the identity of the engine. It is expected that the X5 and X6 M use the new M5 is twin-turbo V8 4.4 liters with more than 600 horsepower. The engine pumps out a massive 617 HP and 553 lb-ft (750 nm) in the M5 Competition, so this is the kind of power we should expect from the pair of M-badged SUV, which could get a competition package below the line as hinted by BMW.

We will keep in mind BMW is about to present another duo M SUV, the X3 m and X4 m. These two have already been mocked and are expected to come out in the coming months. As for the X6 M, it will probably arrive in 2020 considering that the regular X6 is programmed for a version 2019.